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REPIN Masterbatches is renowned both nationally and internationally as a leader in various types of Masterbatches. Our products are hailed as the best by many of our reputed customers. Our unparalleled quality in products springs from years of expertise and superior Research and Development.

Additive Masterbatches

REPIN Masterbatches offers a wide range of Additive Masterbatches that enhances the performance of plastic products. Our high-end Masterbatches are used to impart a variety of special properties in plastics, which drastically improve the quality, longevity and resistance of the end product.

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  • Makes the product more durable
  • Makes the product more sustainable
  • Adds certain important qualities
  • Provides plastic product manufacturers with more flexibility
  • Economical than raw polymer already possessing certain qualities
  • Enhances performance


  • Packaging
  • Agricultural mulch films
  • Wires, cables, tubes & pipes
  • Garbage bags
  • PP, PE, PO, BOPP films
  • Blow, Injection & Rotational molding
  • Foam insulation
  • Tanks, drums, jerry cans, containers
  • Used LDPE, LLDPE films, food wrap films

Product Line

The creatives related to Additive Masterbatches can be viewed on our product line.


FOAMING AGENT MASTERBATCHES Plastic containers and water tanks, roto moulding.
FIBC MASTERBATCHES FIBC bags, jumbo bags, Upanel / 4 panel bags, type bags circular cross corner loops, deflectors bags, life bags tunnel, bags for single loop, two handle bags, large ventilated bags, large bags and bulk bags.
VCI MASTERBATCHES Injection moulding.
ANTI-MICROBIAL MASTERBATCHES Composition, injection moulding, films, fiber. Highly recommended for extrusion and other household applications.
RODENT REPELLENT MASTERBATCHES Plastic doors, sidings, benches, moulded plastic parts, cables, wires, components lanes and virtually any plastic product.
DESSICANT MASTERBATCHES Blown films, molds and raffia and any other application where polymer is used and where presence of moisture can cause problems.
ANTI-OXIDANT MASTERBATCHES Irrigation pipes, composition, injection moulding, films, packaging.
POLYMER PROCESSING AID MASTERBATCHES Film extrusion, extrusions and other normal applications for moulding.
ANTI-STATIC MASTERBATCHES Extrusion, other applications of normal extrusions, injection moulding, and multi-layer blow moulding.
FOOD GRADE UV MASTERBATCHES Film extrusion and other applications normal extrusions.

Need to know more

For product details and our e-catalog please email us at

Need to know more

For product details and our e-catalog please email us at

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What are you looking for?